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We find your story and tell it to the world. Media hits include wire services like Associated Press, established business media like Forbes, Inc., MSNBC, Yahoo, and dozens of business journals and news digests around the country and the world…

Demonstrate your passion for innovation

Nanotechnolgy already affects our lives. University of Tennessee Professor George Pharr and his research colleagues at nearby Oak Ridge National Laboratory are leading the charge.

When health tragedies struck his family repeatedly, client Larry Cunningham fought through the pain and came up with a simple, affordable product that improves medical outcomes.

Healthcare is one of the hottest topics around, as the Regional Alliance for Economic Development of NE Tennessee and SW Virginia found out when we wrote about an innovative networking solution that can improve medical outcomes.

Progress is always a hot topic

For years, Knoxville and the surrounding area have actively told the business world about their economic momentum.

It’s big news these days when a plant adds a new shift and creates jobs, as a national car muffler manufacturer learned when their story hit the worldwide business news.

Business media love stories about new technologies

The Knoxville-Oak Ridge Innovation Valley promotes its high tech future with stories such as:

Feature stories have the power to inspire us — and capture headlines

  • Laid off sign workers gathered tremendous news coverage when they helped recruit a dozen new employers to the region.
  • Professor Joy DeSensi challenges us with a philosophy of sports.
  • Biogeographer Sally Horn conducts research from a wobbly Huck Finn-type raft on a mountain lake in Central America.
  • A Florida lawyer read this feature story and decided to help a West Virginia woman save her farm and the mountains she loves.

Repeated media exposure puts you on the business map — and in customers’ minds

When Slamdot founder Sean Christman won a prestigious award — and again when the company opened the first-of-its-kind store — he utilized the brandnewsing process to build brand recognition and reputation.

A stellar healthcare system is one of Northeast Tennessee’s greatest strengths.

Green Mountain Coffee opened a new plant in Knoxville, then got additional business news exposure for corporate and environmental business philosophy.

Cooperation across city and county lines is rate. When it happens, it’s news, as seen in a $20 million project in Blount County.

Learn more about brandnewsing in the Results section and read what clients think in the section Testimonials.

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