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“Clark is someone I’ve worked with over the past five years. His integrity is second to none. He is committed to his work, his clients, and to providing great value. As a former AP reporter, Clark has an impeccable ability to write and develop a story that is factual, well written, and interesting. He is able to capture the reader’s imagination. In the case of reporters, he has an uncanny way of getting them interested in covering his client’s news. He is a gentle bulldog; and pursues interviewees and news coverage with the same subtle tenacity. I enjoy working with Clark and expect our professional relationship to continue for a long time.”
-Garrett Wagley, Director of Communications and Government Relations
Knoxville Chamber

“When we first met Clark, he took a genuine interest in trying to help publicize to the world what we were doing, and have it resonate with our target audience. I believe the initial planning steps and research were crucial, which he definitely took the time to do early on. And the execution allowed us to saturate the online market in multiple places with the news about our Slamdot Store concept, leading to more buzz and links back to our website. For what Clark did, and what we invested in his services, the value in return was fantastic.”
-Daniel Monday, Vice President for Sales and Marketing

Knoxville Oak Ridge Innovation Valley

“I have worked with Clark in a media relations capacity for the past several years. Clark has the ability to pull together multiple complex issues in a news release that weaves everything together seamlessly. He also knows the secret to getting news releases picked up by major media outlets, yielding great visibility and solid results.”
-Kim Denton, President of Oak Ridge Economic Partnership
Innovation Valley

“I tell Clark the significance of an event and he wordsmiths it into a concise article quite masterfully. He is skilled in getting our ideas into a format that is picked up everywhere. We’ve gained millions and millions of exposures around the country and, in fact, around the world. Clark has the writing and research skills to tell those stories in a highly credible manner.”
-Jesse Smith, Director of Technology
Knoxville-Oak Ridge Innovation Valley

“Global marketing, one of the key activities of the Innovation Valley work program, includes “brandnewsing” the region, which means the strategic and aggressive placement of business news stories in such recognized news outlets such as Associated Press, Reuters, Yahoo Finance, MSN Money, Forbes, Inc. – many of which have millions of readers–and in smaller but equally important outlets such as Site Selection, Area Development, Automotive News, Biofuels Digest, Solar Today, Small Times (nanotech) and elsewhere. These brandnewsing efforts expose millions of business decision makers to our region’s strengths in biofuels, development of carbon fiber, the solar sector, super computers, workforce development, business parks and incubators, finding creative strategies to a sluggish economy, and unique, high tech solutions in pursuit of national priorities. The brandnewsing process increases the Innovation Valley’s worldwide recognition and reputation, establishes our presence on the web and drives business decision makers to our award-winning website.”
–quoted from Knoxville-Oak Ridge Innovation Valley e-newsletter

“Brandnewsing worked for me. I need people to know about my company and the advantages of what we offer them. Within a few hours, the story about my business had been picked up by wire services, television stations and business journals across the country. It’s raising awareness of my website, which I use as a sales portal. It’s a simple and effective process, and one that’s connecting my company to several thousand journalists specializing in health care.

“This isn’t a one-time thing for me. I plan to use it several times a year. It’s a great way to establish a brand presence.”
-Larry G. Cunningham
The LCHAM Company

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