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Clark Miller Communications

Serving Clients

I help clients discover — and share with the world — their unique stories.

I offer these services:

Economic development groups call on me to plan long-term media strategies that publicize their region’s strengths. That can mean writing about the opening of a world class biofuel plant, contacting media about a small non-profit that gives emergency room doctors medical data that can save lives, or interviewing the CEO of a German solar company who’s just decided to invest $2 billion in Tennessee.

You might find me working on a freelance travel article, helping business clients improve their web site content, or developing communication strategies for corporate clients.

This diversity inspires me. I think of myself as a facilitator of technical and economic progress. Long term client relationships matter to me greatly, but I am always open to new challenges.

My style is journalistic, not overtly commercial. That’s because of my background, training and natural dislike for fluff. But it’s also because clients aspire to be a trusted source, not another shrill voice. I help them demonstrate their value to customers as well as society in general.

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