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Brandnewsing is my term to describe the strategic use of worldwide business media to promote brand recognition and reputation.

  • You have to tell customers that you exist (recognition)
  • You have establish the value of your service (reputation)

Armed with a strategic plan based upon your business goals, I write, distribute and track press releases through a network of 85,000 registered journalists and 5,000 media outlets. Wire services like Associated Press, established business journals such Forbes, news digests and specialized business media outlets around the U.S. and worldwide have millions of news exposures every day.

Brandnewsing connects you to potential customers — and does so in a way that establishes credibility. Many companies overlook the business world’s enormous hunger for well written and credible news. That’s a mistake because every business has a story worth telling. It helps to have a major announcement, but some of the best-received business stories have simple, yet compelling, themes such as:

  • The client whose family had serious health problems and decided to fight back with a tiny, leather bound health diary that helps patients track their medications
  • Workers recently laid off by a major sign company who helped recruit new employers to their region, or
  • The two-person startup venture that might someday change an industry

What counts most is demonstrating your value and your passion for excellence.

That’s where I help by providing clients with:

  • A strategic plan
  • Professional writing
  • Distribution mechanism
  • Follow up reports

This comprehensive service often becomes a key part of clients’ overall marketing strategy.

Brandnewsing can set your company apart — and ahead — of the competition.

See the My Work section to learn more, or download the .pdf, “More About Brandnewsing.”

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