Clark Miller Communications

Clark Miller Communications

Corporate Projects

Having a fully engaged and energized workforce can be a remarkable advantage to any company. That requires communication. I bring to corporate clients many years of experience with internal (employee) communications and change management projects.

Despite the competition for their attention, today’s employees still respond positively to consistent, frequent messages using diverse communication channels.

My corporate communications experience includes projects in higher education, regulated manufacturing environments and the challenge of convincing large numbers of employees to actively support change.

Experience: University of Tennessee, West Virginia Symphony, numerous Eli Lilly & Company sites both here and abroad, training engineers at the Mexican oil conglomerate PEMEX, consulting with chemical giant CYTEX, serving as lead writer on an accident reports for the National Chemical Safety Board, five years as senior communications consultant for ABS Consulting’s worldwide risk and reliability projects, and seven years in the senior communications position at the National Institute for Chemical Studies (a subsidiary of the Mid-Atlantic Technology, Research and Innovation Center).

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