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Clark Miller



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Clark Miller is a top-notch journalist, editor and writer who has done exemplary work for us here at Mission Point Press. We've used his talents on a variety of projects, from editing to ghostwriting, and his work is impeccable. Just as important, our clients have reported high satisfaction. Clark's steady hand, unending curiosity and ready wit are all appreciated. He also meets his deadlines! - Doug Weaver

Doug Weaver -

Mission Point Press


"Clark Miller is the reporter’s reporter; enormously entertaining, scrupulous in his research, and possessing the humane eye and voice of the gifted storyteller. Each new tale is a revelatory— and fun." - Doug Stanton

Clark Miller is an excellent journalist.  He did a wonderful Q&A with me in advance of the National Writers Series event, and wrote a clincher of an intro.  I look forward to what he tackles in the near future." - Peter Heller

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